Make It Easy to Vote

Georgia companies have already stepped up to show their support in enabling their employees to vote. For example, the Atlanta Hawks are turning State Farm Arena into a giant polling location to decrease wait times and improve access.

You can enable your employees to vote by taking one of more of these steps:

  • Added flexibility in scheduling time off to vote
  • Minimizing scheduled meetings on election day and much more
  • Recognizing and rewarding employees who serve as poll workers
  • Adopt a precinct and organize an employee team of poll workers
  • Offer your employees paid time off to vote (early or on Election Day)

A Special Note of Thank You!

Thank you to the Georgia Support The Vote Committee Members who enabled this important effort, and special thanks to Rotary Club of Atlanta for adopting this effort as a club initiative.

Martha Brooks*
Shan Cooper*
Jen Geckler
Sharon Goldmacher
Virgina Hepner*
Tracy Hoover
Bob Hope*
Alexandra Jacopetti

Wab Kadaba*
Jessica Kirkwood
Stan Kryder*
Megan McCamey
Milford McGuirt*
Pat Upshaw-Montieth*
Paige Moody
Chris Noble

Michelle Nunn*
Sam Olens
Sam Pettway*
Shyam K. Reddy*
Meridith Rentz
Gina Simpson*
Eric Tanenblatt*
Kathy N. Waller*
Dave Williams

*Rotary Club of Atlanta Members